Woven leather and fabric

Our flagship! Produced entirely in our own workshop with special looms for leather, synthetics, fabrics and yarns, we give shape to our customers' designs. Here are just a few examples of what we usually produce in the various materials. Some designs and materials are exclusive and therefore cannot be published.

leathers, ribbons, yarns, synthetic and flocked fabrics are also woven together to create unique shapes and colours. Endless space for the imagination, which is transformed into reality with knowledge of the various processes.

It takes experience, dexterity and years of application in the field to achieve increasingly rare excellence in the world of fashion, footwear and interior design. We are at your complete disposal for any request

All strictly Made in Italy

Possible frame sizes range from millimetres up to 20 millimetres, with the possibility of having several sizes in the same fabric.

It is also possible to choose the lining to be applied on the back, which can be TNT, thermo cloth or stick-on/ stick-off film.