Production of fashion accessories in leather, synthetic and fabrics for clothing, footwear and furnishing. 

Borders, mignons, pipings, plaits, scuby, fabrics interwoven, tubular, special embroideries and manufacturings on customer’s requirement specification.


Soft, warm, bright. Coloured with classic and trendy dyes. The anilines dye our calves, with slightly matt, natural and warm finishes. Suedes with tens of colour gradations. Laminated leather with light fastness and metallic reflections. Then nubuck and varnishes to complete the collection. Everything is carefully crafted to meet all demands

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Interlaced fabrics

Leathers, synthetics and fabrics are interwoven as an ancient art. Technical drawings, check, lace, combinations of colours, materials and measures. Standard items or, when it is possible, crafted to meet clients’ needs and tastes.

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Development and handcraft mix. When these two crafts merge to give life to something UNIQUE and PRECIOUS. Good quality yarns into finely crafted leathers or into interwoven fabrics.

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Synthetic fabrics

A constantly changing world. From imitation leathers to flocks. From refractings to lamés and COATHED FABRICS. We select and craft the best materials on the market.

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We selected classical and trendy fabrics in order to optimise and complete the range of products offered to our customers.

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Who is OROPEL Italia S.r.l.

Six year ago a new reality was born. More than twenty years of experience and dedication in the leatherwork, clothing and footwear sectors brought us to start this new business.
Our company is brand-new, but it is based on a good knowledge of the materials used and the craftsmanship.

Our project? Quality, reliability, care for details and love for what we do! These are the credentials which we consider essential for an efficient job nowadays.

The costumer in our open relationship becomes more a partner than a user of our final job

Planning of the best solutions, prices and minimum quantities to facilitate an increasingly difficult market. Everything MADE IN ITALY!